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Flex Duct


A semi rigid and lightweight flexible duct is manufactured from corrosive resistant aluminium which provides excellent strength and flexibility, adaptable to any low to high pressure heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

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We can insulate the semi flexible ducting as per client’s requirements.

The aluminium flexible ducts are adaptable to any low to high pressure heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Typical applications include gas water heater exhaust, HVAC and lost formwork.

Technical Details

  • Temperature range: Up to 240° C
  • Air velocity: Up to 30m/s
    Note: At these velocities sound through the flex will be generated. Recommended velocities
    will be 4m/s
  • Operating Pressure: Up to 38kPa
  • Pressure range: Single ply up to 30kPa; doubly ply up to 38kPa
  • Thickness: Single ply 0.07mm to 0.12mm; double ply: 0.14mm to 0.24mm
  • Bend radius: 2D (2 times the diameter)
  • 48mm to 504mm
  • Material: Medium hard aluminium ducting
  • Fire safety: 100% aluminium
  • Lengths: Custom made, up to 30 meters
  • Normal thickness of inner duct: 70-140 micron Inner duct construction: 1 or 2 layer aluminium
  • Colour: Natural aluminium/white
  • Packaging: Bubble wrapped.