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Flex Duct

Semi Flexible Ducting: Galvanised Steel Flexible​

Galvanised Steel Flexible

A semi rigid and lightweight flexible duct is manufactured from Galvanized Steel which provide excellent strength and flexibility, adaptable to any low pressure ventilation or extraction systems.


We can insulate the semi flexible ducting as per client’s requirements.


The galvainzed steel flexible ducts are adaptable for any low pressure ventilation and air conditioning systems. Typical applications include lost formwork, smoke extraction systems and non-corrosive waste extraction.


  • Temperature range: up to 650oC
  • Air velocity: Up to 30m/s
    Note: at these velocities sound through the flex could be generated.
    Recommended velocities will be 4m/s.
  • Pressure range: Double ply up to 3.8Bar
  • Thickness: Single ply 0.07mm to 0.12mm. Double ply 0.08mm to 0.24mm
  • Bent radius: 2D (2 times the diameter)
  • Diameter range: 48mm to 504mm
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Fire Safety: 100% Stainless Steel
  • Lenghts: Custom made, up to 30meters
  • Colour: 100% Galvanised Steel
  • Packaging: Bubble wrapped