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Flexible Ducting: Polyflex

Flexible Ducting: Polyflex

The Polyflex core is a fully flexible metalized polyester duct consisting of 3 layers of 12 micron metalized polyester giving it a total thickness of 39 micron. A high carbon spring steel wire is encapsulated in these layers to give the flexible its body. It is a cheaper option to Aluflex ducts.


The Polyfex core is wrapped in 200 gram/m2 polyester fiber insulation which is held in place with a metalized polyester jacket. The metalized jacket also gives it an extra vapour barrier.


The metalized polyester jacket is constructed with 2 layers metalized polyester.


The aluflex flexible ducts are used in ventilation, air conditioning, and air handling systems where high mechanical strength, temperature and fire resistance is required.


  • Temperature range: -30° C to +100° C
  • Air velocity:Up to 30m/s
    Note: At these velocities sound through the flex could be generated. Recommended
    velocity is 4m/s.
  • Operating Pressure: Max 2000Pa
  • Bent radius: 1.5D (1.5 times the diameter)
  • Diameter range: 102mm to 559mm
  • Fire Safety:Metalized polyester ducts has not been fire rated.
  • Lenghts: Standard lengths are 10 meters, other lengths are available on request.
  • Packaging: The Polyflex plain is shrunk down from 10m to 30cm and the Polyflex insulated is shrunk down to 100cm and then placed in a colour coded plastic bag.
  • Pressure drop: Download PDF to see pressure drop curve.